Oxyfuel technology

Chemical Engineering Research and Design Journal

An overview of oxyfuel coal combustion – state of the art research and technology development.

7th International Symposium on Coal Combustion

Paper on the application and demonstration of oxyfuel combustion technologies to the existing power plant in Australia.

Lessons learned

Read about the lessons learned from the Callide OxyfuelProject in this report which presents an overview of the project and describes in detail key technical aspects of the plant.

Academic paper (Japanese language)

Current status and development trends on coal combustion in a low carbon society.

Science Direct

Operation experiences of oxyfuel power plant in Callide Oxyfuel Project.

Mechanical Engineering Journal

Operational results of oxyfuel power plant (Callide Oxyfuel Project).

Research Gate

Oxy-combustion CPU – from pilots towards industrial-scale demonstration.

Energy Procedia

Oxyfuel combustion as CO2 capture technology advancing for practical use – Callide Oxyfuel Project.


Oxyfuel power plant for CO2 capture and utilization.

AIChE Annual Meeting 2009

Results of basic study on oxyfuel combustion system for CO2 capture.

International Conference on Power Engineering 2007

Test results of oxyfuel combustion and outline of demonstration project in Australia.