The Global CCS Institute is an international member-led organisation whose mission is to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture and storage as an imperative technology in tackling climate change and providing energy security.


The CO2CRC researches a range of technologies that enable the capture of carbon dioxide from fuel combustion and industrial processes. We investigate advanced monitoring techniques of CO2, once trapped in underground rock formations.

International Organization for Standardization

Standardization of design, construction, operation, environmental planning and management, risk management, quantification, monitoring and verification, and related activities in the field of carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage (CCS).


ANLEC R&D is an Australian national research initiative supporting Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) deployment in Australia.Founded in 2010, ANLEC R&D has deployed a research effort of $100M+ in over 25 institutions nationwide.


The COAL21 Fund, administered by ACALET, is the cornerstone of the Australian black coal industry’s investment in the demonstration of low-emissions coal technologies. Established in 2006, and based on a voluntary levy on coal production, the Fund has invested $300m in ten years of research and development into low-emission technologies in the coal-fired power generation sector, and in fugitive emissions abatement from coal mining operations.